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How we increase your chances of passing ACCA exams?

Flexible Study Options : Live online/Pre-recorded/F2F

• You can choose your preferred modes of delivery: live online/pre-recorded online/face-to-face

• All our live classes will be recorded and uploaded to our online learning platform, so you can watch the class recordings until the exam date

• You can watch the lecture videos anytime & anywhere using a mobile phone/tablet/computer

Flipped Classroom Learning : Before-> During-> After

• You will gain first exposure prior to class by watching the lecture videos given in advance

• During class time, you will focus on knowledge application activities such as problem-solving and practicing questions

Additional Videos & CBExam : Practice + Tests

• You will be given additional access to another online learning platform: BPP Online Enhanced Classroom (ECR). Click here for Video Demo

• You can watch additional pre-recorded lecture videos by BPP UK

• You also can practice CBExam using the built-in CBExam Practice Platform to familiarise yourself with the actual ACCA CBE exam environment

ACCA's Approved Contents : BPP Study Materials

• We are using ACCA’s Approved Contents, which are BPP Learning Media’s study materials for our classes. 

• BPP Workbook: activity-based learning with examples, short questions to ACCA style questions

• BPP Practice & Revision Kit: 100+ exam style questions with guidance on scoring easy marks and exam tips

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ACCA Course Details

We are offering classes for ALL ACCA exam sittings with flexible study options.
View the details of available intakes with timetable and pricing.

Lecturer Team & Sample Video

Our ACCA courses are delivered by a team of professionally qualified and experienced lecturers. Watch the sample videos from their actual class.

BPP Online ECR

BPP Online Enhanced Classroom (ECR) is an online learning platform for students who want to do self-study with ACCA Approved Learning Content.
Click to learn more and watch the demo.

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Sharings from Our Students

I was struggling to pass my ATX-MYS which was my last subject of ACCA journey. I have failed ATX for 3 times. The marks were always within 37 -41, and I didn't understand why, as I did attend to part time classes (other colleges) and practice to do past year papers. I was kind of loss and nervous as March 2021 will be the last session of paper exam method and I do not wish to spend more time to get use with CBE method. Until I saw Elite's ads while scrolling FB, and I decided to give it a try to attend Elite's ATX IRC. My decision was right. Mr. Andrew's videos were useful for me. Watching through his videos made me understand clearer about the topics. His notes are simplified and clear, which he summarised some difficult topics into tables, makes student easy to memorise. And most important, he teaches the exam techniques, and let students know, how should students answer to get marks in exam, which I think it's the key to pass my ATX this time. In addition, during the live session class, he prepared us what to expect for the exam, so we don't get panic and get shocked in exam hall. Moreover, Mr.Andrew is very patient in answering students' question. I'm so much grateful that he replied my enquiries through Whatsapp messages really quick during my study week. Thank you so much for your time and dedication Mr.Andrew!!!
Evanne (Tan Ying Hwei)
ATX Student - Mar'2021 exams
I manage to passed my SBL (in 1st attempt)! Ms Mag is really an excellent tutor. She tells you exactly what does the examiner expects in your answer. She will give the example of how to answer the question and let u try and she will give advice on which part can be improve. And she is willing to further explain if you are still unsure. Not only that, she still explains to you promptly even you whatsapp her after class time! Following her instructions and you definitely can do well in your exam! For SBL, there is another lecturer –Mr Hasrul. He explains clearly in revision class how the lecturer giving the mark and the technique to answer the question. Both lecturers are really willing to help you to pass the exam. They also willing to help you to mark the mock exam you have try and give you recommend which part need to enhance. Thanks again to Mr Daniel, Ms Mag and Mr Hasrul!
Tan Sze Xiuan
SBL Student - Dec'2020 exams
This year was struggled with taking face to face classes because of the pandemic, but I am lucky to have found Mr Yoong, for being dedicated and patience about teaching AFM. I can never repay you for your remarkable contribution, without your relentless efforts, I could never have made it. Thank you for sharing your priceless gifts of treasure, time and talent and making your classes special, interesting and enjoying with your innovative teaching.
Annabelle Yee
AFM Student - Dec'2020 exams
Ms Wong Paik Wan has developed strong determination to nurture students in an efficient and effective way. She has always made things simple in any areas which might be confusing and to give student a holistic view for tax and accounting standard. Providing students with full understanding on the topics is always her concern. Moreover, she is also a very helpful and friendly lecturer. Without a doubt, she has a strong sense responsibility towards her students, allowing them to learn more deeply. She never hesitates to give support to her students via email or whatsapp. Hence, I would like to take this chance to thank you Miss Wong for being such a remarkable lecturer in my ACCA journey. I am grateful for her patience and knowledge which she has passed down to me and enable me to have competitive advantage in the workplace.
Wong Chung Sheng
SBR Student - Dec'2020 exams
Mr Lim Wee Leek is a very helpful & friendly lecturer who goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. In addition, I like the program structured in such a way including Live Class Access with recording which allow me to re-watch on the syllabus during my studies, BPP Workbook & Revision Kit are provided with eBook access which is convenient for me to read whenever I want, BPP Online Enhanced Classroom (ECR) inclusive of pre-recorded lecture videos by BPP UK, auto marked knowledge tests, CBExam practice platform which provide me with additional support to further enhance my understanding toward the subject & Elite Intensive Class which assist us on what to expect in coming exam & score marks with exam technique. Overall, the course is well structured to support student to score in exam.
Hui Ying
FR Student - Jun'2021 exams
I am fortunate enough to have Ms Mag and Mr Hazrul as my lecturers to assist me in passing my SBL. Mr Hazrul's class is very dynamic where he frequently uses real life examples so that we could better grasp the different concepts and models. Furthermore, he also practices example questions in class so that we are able to get used to writing our answers in the exam. Ms Mag also explains her area of the syllabus very well and helps us dissect what the examiners want from the students' answers. She also willingly marks our past year attempts and never fails to give constructive and timely feedback. I will be forever grateful to both of them for their guidance and exam technique which has helped me in passing this paper. Thank you Ms Mag and Mr Hazrul!
Hew Ting Yi
SBL Student - Jun'2021 exams (82 marks)

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