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Listened to students’ feedback and we have restructured our Courses and Student Support

1. Quality Delivery and Structure
Constructive delivery and quality hours will be more effective. Students will have more time for themselves to learn and practise questions.

2. Videos Support after class time
After classes, students can review videos of contents and debrief questions over and over again. Please register and view free video.

If you wanted to review more videos, please enrol our normal courses.

3. Competitive Fees
Tuition fee is not the main factor however we do offer competitive fees. When you enrol earlier, we offer lower fees. Please click timetable / forms folder

4. BPP Study Materials
Extra practise questions and reading helps to improve chance of PASSING. Fees includes BPP WorkBook and/ or Revision Kit (see Registration Form)

5. Progress Test and Mock Exam
Attempt progress test and mock exam will benefit students to evaluate their knowledge. Doing progress test and mock under exam conditions. Majority of students who passed ACCA 1st time have done progress test and mock exam. Find out yourselves.

6. Exam Techniques
Understand and practise exam techniques improve chance of PASSING. Our teaching team will instil exam techniques during class time how to gain easy marks.

7. Others support
Our teaching team will post relevant articles in the students’ forum.

All the above assist students to improve chance of PASSING. We at Elite will do our BEST. (click enrolment form) and timetables goto top folder. See you soon.


November 26, 2018