ACCA AFM – Mr. Yoong Mun Yen, FCCA, ICSA

Advanced Financial Management

AFM L1.1 Lecture plan & Intro

AFM L1.2 Financial Objectives

AFM L1.3 Financial Strategy Formulation

AFM L2.1 Ethics

AFM L2.2 Ethics & stakeholder conflicts

AFM L3.1 Financial Reconstruction

AFM L3.2 Ex Q Nomore Ltd

AFM Lesson 4.1 Activity 1 Q Lomax

AFM Lesson 4.2 Ex Q Proteus Co.

Testimonials from AFM Students

This year was struggled with taking face to face classes because of the pandemic, but I am lucky to have found Mr Yoong, for being dedicated and patience about teaching AFM. I can never repay you for your remarkable contribution, without your relentless efforts, I could never have made it. Thank you for sharing your priceless gifts of treasure, time and talent and making your classes special, interesting and enjoying with your innovative teaching.
Annabelle Yee
AFM Student - Dec'2020 exams
I passed my AFM paper after my 2nd attempt in Dec 2020. I was a part-time student who is currently working in Singapore. I took Elite College's video classes and intensive revision classes. The video classes helped me alot whenever I wanted to recap on the syllabus. Students were also allowed to ask questions in the online revision classes. Besides, my lecturer, Mr Yoong, was very helpful. He was able to reply to my questions via whatsapp even I asked at night time. He really explained in the understandable English statement. Keep on understanding the chapter and knowing the important area before the exam is important in getting a 50 pass mark.
Wee Lu Hui
AFM Student - Dec'2020 exams
August 6, 2018