ACCA FR – Mr. Lim Wee Leek, FCCA, CA(M)

FR Lesson v1 Conceptual Framework

FR Lesson v2 Regulatory Framework

FR Lesson v3 Inventory

FR Lesson v4 IAS 20 Government Grant

FR Lesson v5 IAS 10 Event Arp

FR Lesson v6 Business Combination part 1

FR Lesson v7 Business Combination part 2

Testimonials from FR Students

Mr Lim Wee Leek is a very helpful & friendly lecturer who goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. In addition, I like the program structured in such a way including Live Class Access with recording which allow me to re-watch on the syllabus during my studies, BPP Workbook & Revision Kit are provided with eBook access which is convenient for me to read whenever I want, BPP Online Enhanced Classroom (ECR) inclusive of pre-recorded lecture videos by BPP UK, auto marked knowledge tests, CBExam practice platform which provide me with additional support to further enhance my understanding toward the subject & Elite Intensive Class which assist us on what to expect in coming exam & score marks with exam technique. Overall, the course is well structured to support student to score in exam.
Hui Ying
FR Student - Jun'2021 exams
Mr Lim is a very passionate lecturer who has great knowledge in teaching ACCA Financial Reporting. His classes are never boring and whenever any of us students are unsure, he makes sure to explain to us until we fully understand. He’s always available on WhatsApp to answer questions from his students and made FR an easy pass paper if you put in effort to do the exercises and to listen to him during classes.
Karan Sachdev
FR Student - Dec'2020 exams
August 6, 2018