ACCA FM – Mr. Yoong Mun Yen, FCCA, ICSA

FM Lesson 4.1 Capital Markets

FM Lesson 4.2 Working Capital Management

FM L3.1 MCQ 1 to 10

FM L3.2 MCQ 11 to 20

Mr Yoong assist You to PASS FM

Testimonials from FM Students

It was very interesting learning Financial Management from Mr Yoong as he was very thorough in explaining the concepts, theories and new terms that I learnt from FM. Mr Yoong has always gone above and beyond in making sure his students understand what is going on in FM especially when we come across something foreign. He has given us extra exercises in topics that he deemed was key to passing the FM ACCA paper. Whenever I had trouble understanding the given answer for a question, he would explain to me till I understood why the answer was such whether it was via WhatsApp or in person. The best tip given to me by Mr Yoong was to keep practicing questions and redoing questions especially on topics that you are having trouble with. As long as you practice questions, it is definitely possible to pass. Thank you!
Karan Sachdev
FM Student - Dec'2020 exams
August 6, 2018