Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec Exams

This gives our students flexibility to choose their exams sitting.

1. Strategic Professional Level – Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec Exams
For example, Students register in Jan can choose to sit for exam in Mar or Jun. Our courses lists below will assist the students the Best alternative. Scroll down for details.

2. Applied Skills Level – Jun & Dec Exams
We strongly advice students to sit for exam in either Jun or Dec. This will not interrupt their study plan. However if they choose to sit exam in Mar or Sep, please refer to the Course Coordinator.

3. Course Structure – Elite Classroom & Blended Learning
Effective and improve higher change of PASSING ACCA exams. See below course structure/ features. Scroll down for details

4. Fees included FREE Value Up to RM800
This includes, Class Videos Access, BPP Study Materials, Lecture Notes, Progress Test, Mock Exam, Face to Face Revision Classes

5. Class Videos Access – More than 380 class videos
We have more than 380 class videos. You can watch them 24 / 7, Anywhere, Anytime. This will help you to RECAP topics that you are weak or has missed class thus to improve higher chance of PASSING ACCA exams.

Watch sample class videos, GOTO home page.

6. Experienced Lecturing Team
We have lecturers who have been teaching ACCA programmes for more 15 years. Our students have benefited their teaching with reasonable class size ie about 80 students. Students able to concentrate and ask questions. This will help to improve higher chance of PASSING ACCA exams.

7. BPP Study Materials
Extra practise questions and reading helps to improve higher chance of PASSING. Fees includes BPP WorkBook and/ or Revision Kit.

8. Lecture Notes
Lecture notes use during Elite classroom / Blended learning. This will also assist you when you view the class videos for RECAP. Find our yourself.

9. Progress Test and Mock Exam
Attempt progress test and mock exam will benefit students to evaluate their knowledge. Doing progress test and mock under exam conditions. Majority of students who passed ACCA 1st time have done progress test and mock exam. Find out yourselves.

10. Exam Techniques
Understand and practise exam techniques improve higher chance of PASSING ACCA exams. Our teaching team will instil exam techniques during class time how to gain easy marks.

11. Others support
Our teaching team will post relevant articles in the students’ forum.

12. MOST Important is the student’s Commitment and Determination
Is a MUST to PASS ACCA exam. ACCA preparation is a “Maraton”. Consistency and Persistent will help to improve higher chance of PASSING ACCA exams.

All the above assist students to improve higher chance of PASSING ACCA exams. We at Elite will do our BEST. (click enrolment form) and timetables goto top folder. See you soon.

May 22, 2019