Research and Analysis Project


– Registered with OBU ie opted in to the BSc degree scheme before passing any of ACCA F7, F8 and F9

– Must successfully completed all nine Fundamentals level paper F1 to F9

RAP Submission Dates:

Please note that projects must be uploaded to the Oxford Brookes University online submission site (www.obusubmissions.co.uk) by the date of latest date for uploading. It is not possible to upload after this date.

Period 36 – Submission fee GBP 300 (payable online when submitting project)
Latest date to complete the Professional Ethics module 28th March 2018

Earliest uploading of RAP to Oxford Brookes University site 1st May 2018

Latest uploading of RAP to Oxford Brookes University site 16th May 2018

RAP and BSc degree results dispatched 19th September 2018

Project topic areas and titles – Choose 1 of the 20 approved project topics.

Research Project:

The word limit is 7,500 words everything from the start of the title page to the end of the conclusion – words included in tables, graphs and pictures within the body of the report are included in the word count.

excludes from word count – the List of References and the Appendices.

Skills and Learning Statement:

Total word limit is 2,000 words

Project timetable:

You have about 13 weeks to complete the project.

Degree Awarded:

Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting

Fees charged : RM4,000 (Two or more students, RM3,700 per student)

RM4,500 with one P Level subject.

Project Topic Areas and Titles

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July 22, 2018