Testimonial – Andrew Tan

Received above message from students who passed June 2019 ATX exam.

  1. Actually in June 2019 atx exam. 4 girls from taruc came to Elite for revision only. 3 passed 1 failed. I already forward u. The name is mak yen peng, mhing mhing & tan ling lee
  2. Im Mak Yan Peng From TARUC

Yea, it was super helpful provides us the clear patterns/style on Q of the exam deep

understand on the important topics as well as the hot topics given (such a good guidance)

  1. Tan Ling Lee From TARUC

Yes it is helpful! Especially on the technique to answer ques

  1. Mhing Mhing. From Taruc

Sir, can I know when is ur next atx course, and revision class? My friend want to join

  1. Hi Mr. Andrew I am Gurpreet from elite college, I was in your previous class for June 2019.. I passed the tax paper
  1. Thank you so much for guiding me the right way to tackle the paper.. Your simplified teaching made it easier to see the question better
  1. . Thank you so much Mr Andrew and God bless you too
  1. Hi Sir,

Im taruc student (attended elite ATX classes)

I passed the ATX ady.

Thank you Sir??????

  1. For us to prepare for the papers.

Well done Si

Good morning Sir! I joined your advance tax intensive class 2 months ago in elite college…I passed ATX ! Thank you sir!!!

  1. Hi andrew morning

I pass my tax paper la

  1. Kow yong shan

The revision class was very helpful as it is mainly focus on pass year question, how to understand the requirements of the questions, and what should we answer to gain marks, the trend that lecturer analysts on pass year question and estimate what will come out on the next sitting.

  1. Sir,  I pass alrd

Thankyou sir

  1. My name is Arud.  I would like to join ur class for ATX. Can I know whether any class which is being conducted for part timers on weekdays. And also which college can I join to get ur class.  I will check with the college then. Thx alot sir
  1. I ask this boy to contact Elite. Someone introduce to him. Must be those who passed June 2019 ATX
July 20, 2019