Testimonial – Sheila William (AAA)

June 2019 Exam

Santhene Chandran (AAA June 2019)

Thank you Ms Sheila for your guidance and exam techniques that helped me pass my audit paper! Your exam techniques helped me tackle the exam questions well and also helped me to gain important marks to pass the paper. Thank you for your encouragement , it boost my confidence. Thank you once again

Lim Sheau Chien  (AAA June 2019)

Thank you Ms Sheila for making me pass my last AAA paper. The exam techniques you provided are really useful and you make me understand the syllabus more! I believe these has helped me pass my paper with a score of 66! Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend you to my friends who are taking AA or AAA paper.

Helen Yap (AAA June 2019)

Thanks Ms SheilaJohn for your guidance and especially the exam techniques and i passed it at first attempt . Cheers

Bryan Leong (AAA June 2019)

Thanks Ms Sheila!
What I appreciate the most were her teaching & her spirit in encouraging the class to work hard on our studies.
Her classes are well thought out & structured. She gives a lot of thought into how each and every topic should flow to ensure good absorption by the students.
Workbooks provided were also in line with her class teaching from head to toe and only contains essential points for the exams.
Exam techniques provided encourages a thought process into how to tackle questions and generate answers.
I find that the videos provided (recordings from the actual class) on top of being physically present in her class really enhances my understanding of several difficult topics, It’s like reliving that moment on what she was teaching.
At the end no matter how well she taught me, it was down to my effort in my studies. She has never hesitated in providing guidance and answering any of my questions, whether was it silly or not!

Eileen Oh Wern Yee (AAA June 2019)

Thank you Ms Sheila. What i like most about attending your class is that you want us to pass! i like how you structured the syllabus in your notes and conduct your lecture classes in a very systematic way and thanks for making us practise questions with your exam techniques and constantly remind us from time to time all that is required for us to pass the paper

Steven Ding (AAA June 2019)

Thank you 3000, Ms Sheila. This is my last paper and I manage to pass it. Really like your lively sharing of example and the important exam techniques that helps me manage the paper. Kudos!

Sook Wan Teh (AAA June 2019)

Ms Sheila, thank you for your guidance and exam techniques that help me to get through my final paper. Your emphasis on how to gain marks and how to tackle exam questions is so effective.

Yeo Khai Wen (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Ms Sheila, I pass my audit paper after several fail. I really appreciate what u had taught me. I wish I attend your class earlier than perhaps I know why I fail so much times previously so that I can pass earlier but not at the fifth sitting. But is ok at least now I passed.

A very very big thanks to you, Ms. Sheila.

Wong Mei Ye (AAA June 2019)

Me too. Thanks Ms Sheila

Kalaivani (AAA June 2019)

I’ve passed, thank you soo much Ms Sheila

Shaila Mahendran (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Ms. Sheila,

I passed my exam on the dot. Thank you so much for your guidance

Rusyana (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Ms Shiela, I’ve pass too. Thank you so much for your guidance

Tew Woon Sin (AAA June 2019)

I’ve passed. Thank you Ms Sheila

Wan Pei Li (AAA June 2019)

Ms Sheila , I have passed . Thanks for your patience and guidance

Isaac Goh (AAA June 2019)

Thank you miss Sheila. I passed finally!

Kenny Cheong (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Ms Sheila , I have passed . Thanks for your patience and guidance

Cynthia Sara (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Ms. Just want to let you know that I passed my audit

Ng Sok Yi (AAA June 2019)


Kee Ley Jun (AAA June 2019)

Ms Sheila, I have passed my paper. Thank you very much!

Yee Jun Kong (AAA June 2019)

Thank you Ms Sheila!!  I’ve passed my AAA exam without going for full time class due to my work. Only came for your revision class & self-study… Anyways tqvm for your guidance!

Ong Xiang Yan (AAA June 2019)

Miss I passed! Thanks Miss.

Jane Lim Sheau Chien BRUNEI (AAA June 2019)

Hi Ms Sheila. I passed my AAA with 66%!!! Thank you so so so so much

Chen Ding Xiang (AAA June 2019)

Hi Ms Sheila, I’m Ding Xiang here. I passed my paper. I would like to thank you for your time and effort in teaching us. ☺ Thank you Miss

Muhd Hazim (AAA June 2019)

I finally passed with your help. Really thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to me. It was my last paper. I almost took a break from it all

Wee Qing Shien (AAA June 2019)

Hei miss Sheila. Yes ..I passed my AAA! Thank you Miss Sheila … your acronym methods are really working

Yong Sok Man (AAA June 2019)

I passed 🙂 Thank you!

Yong Mun Yee (AAA June 2019)

Yes I cleared AAA. Thanks so much for ur guidance!. Ur style of teaching was really good

Crystal Chua Ping Xing  (AAA June 2019)

Ms,thank you ❤I’m pass

Wong Chin Tai (AAA June 2019)

Finally passed. Want to thanks u many times… U help me many time to kill tis paper. Very appreciate ur guidance. And very thanks very much to u that so help us in exam technique. Cannot pass without u..

Maverick Ng (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Miss Sheila! I’ve passed. I’ve never thought this could be possible. But I can’t thank you enough for your guidance throughout this journey. My sincere gratitude to you. I passed my final paper! Thank You.

Chang Kai Yng (AAA June 2019)

Morning Ms Sheila! I passed! Thankiuuuu Ms Sheila! You’re the best tutor!

Loy Yao Yun (AAA June 2019)


Felix Chen (AAA June 2019)

I’m still trying to get my head around it. Managed to pass. And that also is after having left out almost 30marks blank. Really is a miracle that I passed. Thank u so much miss, for your guidance and exam techniques. Wouldn’t have cleared the paper without your help.

Wee Lu Hui (AAA June 2019)

Ms Sheila, I passed my AAA. Thank you for the notes and guidance!

Ng May Kuen (AAA June 2019)

Good morning Ms Sheila. I passed AAA. Finally completed ACCA. Thank you very much

July 20, 2019