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Sheila AA and AAA

Soh May Ting  (AAA March 2019)

Got to know Miss Sheila through my friend’s introduction. I am grateful for her dedicated teaching which help me to pass my paper. Through her class, I get to know better techniques to tackle the questions even the questions get harder. Best audit lecturer I would say 

Tan Hong Yi  (AAA March 2019)

Thanks for making AAA such an easy paper Ms Sheila John ! I truly admire & appreciate the amount of time and effort she had put into helping students with her content. The specific technique she taught on each type of question had created a clear direction for us to aim the required score to pass. She even taught us the appropriate way to prepare for exam. Combination of both were the key to pass. Thanks for being such an amazing teacher Ms Sheila John ! ❤❤❤😘😘 

Choong Feng Lie  (AAA March 2019)

Thx Ms Sheila for helping me to get through this paper. She is always supportive and attending her class is helpful as she always let us know what is the exam technique for the exam question. Big thumbs-up for Ms Sheila 

Loi Pei Wen  (AAA March 2019)

Hi, Ms Sheilai passedddd!!  Thank youu. Ur answering technique is effective n easy to understand and actually I was fully relied on your IRC course materials (I did not attend the normal regular course)~ thanks for your guidance 

Poh Zi En  (AAA March 2019)

MS!! Good morning and I passed my AAA. Thank you sooooo much for all the help u gave in revision class. It helped me so so so muchhh

Yoogeeta  (AAA March 2019)

Good morning Madam Sheila. Thank you so much for your guidance for the paper.I’ve passed the paper


Yuga  (AAA March 2019)

Hi good morning madam. It’s me Yuga. I’m so happy. I manage to pass this round. Thanks a lot for ur guidance and coaching. And the motivation that u gave to us. Thanks a lot madam


Variel Huang Wee Ru  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms. Sheila for helping me pass AAA, for all the exam techniques and concise notes. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you thank you thank you!! 

Kong Ning Ning  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thanks a lot, Ms Sheila. Thank you for guiding me to pass AAA. All the exam techniques and videos shared by you really really help me in answering during exam. Thank you so much 

Lim Mei Ngoo  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms Sheila for the guidance given along the way, provided me a great opportunity to pass my AAA at first attempt! Appreciate the encouragement which boosts my confidence. The exam notes and recording provided are undoubtedly helpful. Exam technique on tackling the question and memorising the syllabus have definitely contributed to my success! 
I’m proud to address myself an ACCA affiliate now. Thank you Ms.Sheila! 

Goh Wei Xin (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you MS. Sheila for your guidance to help me to pass this paper.. Your lectures are very clear and notes are very easy to be understood..
Lastly is about your exam techniques, it really helps on elaborating answer during exam.. Thank you very much~

Ang Ziying  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms. Sheila for all the guidance and advice. The exam techniques and the videos u shared to us are really helpful 

Ng Chui Chi  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms.Sheila John for guiding me passed my paper ! I feel that I not alone when doing revision at home because I always will private message Ms.Sheila once I got question and she always explained in detail to me . 

Cheng Pei Ying  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms.Sheila for guidance throughout the ACCA preparation to pass this paper! Your heartfelt advice supported me all the way long in preparing this paper😁
Thanks again

Ephyna Lim Yen Nee  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms. Sheila John for the exam techniques taught which helped me a lot to pass my paper! 

Aaron Teh  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms. Sheila John for helping me pass my AAA paper! Appreciate your effort in preparing us on all the elements required including the exam techniques, audit standards, accounting standards and etc. 

A word of advice to Ms. Sheila’s future students: Do attempt the Progress Test and Mock Exam. It helps you realize your weakness. I realized my weakness on Time Management through them. Best of luck to you guys! 

Rabiatul Kelly Ngo  (AAA Dec 2018)

Thank you Ms. Sheila John for giving myself this opportunity to pass in 1st attempt. Thank you soooo much and will be remembering your teaching in all my learning journeys


Chow Vin Li  (AAA Dec 2018)

This is my 1st attempt and I made it. I never try before for other paper that I have passed first time. Lol

Now I still have leave 1 optional paper.

Thanks again Ms Sheila


Estella Yapp  (AAA Dec 2018)


Thank you Ms. Sheila for your guidance and the excellent exam techniques

Andrew Tan - ATX

ATX Students just finished Jun 2019 exam sitting comments


I’m lucky to attend your class,Sir. The technique you teach students

I lov it very much!


Mr. Andrew,just finished the Acca exam. Many thanks you for guidance. I’m appreciated. 

All the topics is come out. Gst 4 marks.


I feel not so difficult for me leh. I follow the answering question skill that u teach, really very work on time management . All the topic I also got study and memories, quite a lot of mark on tax administration , luckily I read too


Let’s wait for result and see

I really hope this time can pass



My name is Megat Sodiq bin Azlan. I attempted F8 and P2 last sitting and passed both.

I took full time class for P2, Mr Haneef, in ALC PJ. The class was good actually. Mr Haneef amazingly explain and discuss on every bid of the line in the financial statements and what is the relevant/logic of the items existed in or relating to the financial statements, and that is what the students need to know for this particular subject I would say. What I remember until now is Mr Haneef said, “this particular subject is literally a subject to be apply on and not really a rote learning” and that helps me a lot when doing P2 exercise. Last but not least, thank you ALC and Mr Haneef for everything.

My P2 marks = xx%

From: Kok Wei Ming

Hi Mr Micheal, Mr Daniel and alc,

Thank you for helping me pass my p3. The 8 long days was fun and interesting , the exam technique I learn is indeed valuable and help me secure a pass in my june 2014 exam
Thank you for everything

From: Karyan How

Pass with P3 with xx marks… Special thanks to Michael for helping me to pass… eventhough i have only attend the revision course.. i have learnt a lot of technique in exam which i have never learnt before in my college… will strongly recommend to my friend who are going to take this paper in next attempt… thanks once again…

Mr Daniel, I passed my P5 with xx !

I would really like to thank Mr Arshad for his guidance. His exam techniques are really good and had helped me pass this paper this time. The way this course is designed is really effective and resit students will find it helpful in my opinion. Thank you


From Tajuzzaman

I sat for P2 for June 2014 exam session and I passed.

Mr. Haneef showed a few tricks on how to tackle examiners question, and also every possible way the consolidation question could be twist. I am glad that I attended Mr. Haneef class and would like to recommend it to students who would be taking P2 in Dec 2014 (especially what he spotted came out last semester). Besides, Mr. Haneef also provides email support after the revision class in case you have doubts in your mind. I emailed him questions after the revision class and he answered it as well through email.

F4 to F9

My name is Megat Sodiq bin Azlan. I attempted F8 and P2 last sitting and passed both.

I took full time class for P2, Mr Haneef, in ALC PJ. The class was good actually. Mr Haneef amazingly explain and discuss on every bid of the line in the financial statements and what is the relevant/logic of the items existed in or relating to the financial statements, and that is what the students need to know for this particular subject I would say. What I remember until now is Mr Haneef said, “this particular subject is literally a subject to be apply on and not really a rote learning” and that helps me a lot when doing P2 exercise. Last but not least, thank you ALC and Mr Haneef for everything.

My P2 marks = xx %

From: Airina Syahirah

I passed both paper F5 (xx) and F8 (xx) for June’14. I took the F8 irc with Miss Mag and to me it was helpful because she gave us the simplified notes which are easy to be understood and she helped me out by pointing out what are the mistakes that I did so I can improve my answer during the final exam. So thank you Miss Mag

Hi Laurence,

Dropping this note to say that I passed the F5 paper in the recent June 2014 exam.

Considering the last-minute ditch effort that I put in for the paper, I am reasonably happy with the results. No complaints, but in fact very grateful!

I have to admit also that the exam jitters did slightly adversely affect my performance in the paper, F5 being the first paper on Monday. The F6 Malaysian Taxation on the following day was relatively more plain-sailing for me.

Allow me to convey my sincere and many thanks for your tips and guidance given during the Revision classes. Your notes and the judicious and appropriate spread of acronyms proved valuable.

Mohamad Fauzi
Revision class at ALC, PJ

Dec 2013



Ms Magdalene



Just pass P1 at 50 marks under Miss Magdaline .P1 course  in ALC most helpful is understand the syllabus and the level of requirement at this first professional level paper. This is because this paper look too general but proven in class through tests by Miss Mag need higher level thinking to answer to gain better marks and right techniques to answer with confidence and complete all questions in time. Thanks Miss Mag for the superb advice and comments to all my tests to help me to a pass solely on the course at ALC. –   MP Lam a part timer.



Mr Haneef



I passed my p2 after attending the amazing irc at ALC PJ !

I passed 58 with 70 marks attempted.  Miracle do exist ! I am very happy with that.

Thank you very much Mr Daniel and Mr Haneef for the 4 days workshop, very helpful

‘- Ali Rifdi


Passed P2. I would like to thank Mr. Haneef and Daniel for all their sacrifices. Couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you so much. – Nabeel


I have passed my P2. Thank you for everything” – Harveen

“I passed my P2, this round the exam seemed to be tough, I really thought I cannot get through. Best Regards” – Esther

“Omg Daniel, I passed my P2!!!!  Yay! Thank you and thank Mr Haneef! Have a great day today! Cheers” – Zindee


“I went IRC for P2 and P3 at ALC. I passed both papers. 65 for P2 and 61 for P3. Thank you” – Aisyaa Hassan



Mr Michael



I want you to know for December 2013 exam P3 I got 71. I’m relief that I pass this time now that I have back confidence to finish remaining 4 papers. Will register P1 with ALC this monday (using the previous receipt) and still thinking which remaining paper to take.

MIchael had been helpful by giving questions on each syllabus to make sure we read his bluff notes (only that are relevant to exam questions). He loves confused students who ask questions, answering in simple wording of explanation, so i say he is very resourceful. He then provide commentary on each invidual answer on what we did wrong, how we should improve and give very useful general exam tips. His comments are really direct which I think plays an important role for final’s preparation.

And thank you Daniel for all your advices. 🙂 – Qatralnaddia


I’m very glad I passed my P3 with 73 marks. Very suprised about that as the result of my first attempt was just 39 marks. The answering technique (not the tips) that helped my passed the paper. I remembered that when I saw the questions for the first time, I almost fainted and thought of surrendering on the spot, but I made it at the end. VERY GLAD!

I have also sent an e-mail to Michael and thanked him so much. All the best for ALC, and have a nice day!! – Joey Wong


Micheal class is very engaging, unlike normal class that make u fall asleep. He make things very simple & right up to the point. He is friendly but emotional as well. Overall i find his class very helpful especially his self marking & self-set questions.” – Ong Yi Xin


Dear Mr.Daniel, I was lucky enough to score 51 marks for P3!! Thank you for Mr Michael’s interesting lectures and great exam techniques!!!  – Kimberly Wong


Just wanted to say a big thank you for conducting such an enjoyable P3 course. What I really liked about it was not so much the content but more of the method by which you delivered the contents. Your core competence being how you managed to hold our attention for 6 hours and of course by relating to real life scenarios/companies made it all the more captivating. Makes me wonder Michael, how do you hone those skills ? I’ve been trying to hone them myself, by watching Toastmasters and public speaking videos but the improvement is rather slow 🙁 how do you know all those hand gestures, when to pause, when to use a high tone/pitch ? Do you have any suggestions on how to get it right or did you participate in any NLP or public speaking programmes? I think this skill would be really useful as a management consultant in future when I have to present in front of a client.

– Richmond Yau


“I have passed my P3 paper with the score of 67. I believe that Michael has taught us with a very useful exam technique which is simply amazing for a working person like me. Warm Regards” – Norhayati Mokhtar


Lecture hours have never passed by this quickly for me. Michael was able to keep us mildly entertained, and most importantly keep us calm because he ensures that we understand and assures us that he will be there to help us if we needed any assistance. He was flawless in his presentation and his experience and knowledge really gave the class a big booster. Lastly, you may want to keep inviting him over, Michael could well be one of your sustainable competitive advantage 🙂 – Ivy Gan


“Hello. I’ve passed my P3 for June 2013 sitting, and attending Michael’s revision course helped me a lot in knowing the techniques to answering & tackling the questions” – Muna Khairi


“I’ve passed my P3 exam June 2013. Feedback: Enrolled in P3 intensive revision class (3 days). Michael’s exam techniques had helped me to pass. thanks a lot! Appreciate it. Regards” – Hui Ping


“I hav passed my P3,got 58..thank u so much for bringing Michael here.able to understand wht is P3 about in a short period of time.most importantly for teaching us the techniques and the P3 content that is relevant for the exam” – yogeswary



Ms Ong



I had passed my P6 🙂 Thanks to ALC and my P6 Lecturer- Miss Ong for always being supportive in all ways to help me succeed in this paper!!:) Really appreciate your effort! Definitely will sign up my last paper with ALC! – Ya Ling









Hi Daniel / Edgar / Laurence

I got 60% for both F4 and F5…just at border line 🙂 Was a little disappointed because I was expecting around +70% for both papers as I answered all questions with confidence. I guess my mistake was that my answers could be too generic while missing out some details
Nevertheless I passed the exam with both’s help, thanks for the lessons 🙂 – Lim Peng Khoon



Assoc. Prof Faridah



Passed, 71%

Prof Faridah’s classes were very effective and easy to understand. She knew about the syllabus very well and I enjoyed her lessons overall. – Ching Wie



Ms Magdalene



Being a part-time and resit student. I find the F8 conducted by ALC beneficial to me. Firstly it provide me more practise of exam question at least 5 assignments in exam environment. The lecturer Magdalene focus lecture on application of principle to exam question from the beginning and make answering difficult one in simple way. With this I feel less pressure during exam time because it taught me to learn by understanding rather than memorising principles. At last and not least I thank and feel right to enrol and pass this F8 just attending ALC. THANKS” – M P Lam



Mr Yoong


 I sat for F9, I got 57-Pass, this was my first attempt, I joined Mr Yoong’s class, he really helped me out especially on the theory part of the questions – Airina Syahirah
July 22, 2018